Tips For Installing A Patio With Flagstone Rock

Posted on: 7 September 2022

Want to transform your yard by installing a flagstone rock patio? You'll want to know the following tips for installing it on your own. 

Build A Proper Base

Every flagstone patio is going to need a gravel base at the bottom. This will require digging out the ground so that it is several inches below the surface, and allows that gravel material to fill in the missing soil. Type 2 gravel works best because it is a very fine material that makes the top surface even. Decomposed granite will then be placed on top of the gravel base. This material packs well and is easy to level, which works great for the flagstone that you will be setting on top of it. 

You'll need to make sure that the gravel base and the decomposed granite layers leave enough room to fit the thickness of the flagstones on the surface so that it is level with the surrounding ground. A flagstone patio that is too low can cause water to pool on the surface, and a patio that is too high will not be seamless with the ground. 

Buy The Right Size of Stones

Flagstone patio material is sold based on its weight, not on the amount of stones that you are purchasing. That's why you want to know the type of stones you are purchasing to construct your patio. If you have too many small stones, the installation process will take a very long time. You will need large flagstones to construct the majority of the patio. You can then use small flagstones to fill in the gaps that are left between the large pieces. It's always better to have bigger pieces than smaller pieces since you can break up the big flagstone pieces if necessary.

Plan For The Right Size of Gaps

You need to decide how big of a gap you want between the different flagstone materials. If you want to plant moss or ground covering in the gaps, you'll need a gap that is large enough to accommodate this material. If you do not want to use a ground covering, then you may want to have a smaller gap between the stones. You can then fill in the gaps with decomposed granite, which will easily make these stones level with the filler material for a smooth surface. 

Reach out to a professional in your area for more information about stone patios and patio rock material