How To Safely Clear Demolition Debris During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on: 25 March 2021

Residential demolition is an important process that frees up your land for new construction projects. However, proper planning is key to the success of any demolition process. Bringing down a home will typically result in debris, which requires careful disposal. Safely cleaning up the demolition site is even more critical during these COVID-19 times. Indeed, dirt and dust particles in the air could potentially harbor viral particles and increase the risk of infection for people nearby. 

The good news is that you can work closely with your demolition service to thoroughly clean up construction site debris. Clean-up requires planning, and the following steps should be part of your house demolition project.   

1. Use the Right Demolition Technique 

Over the years, advanced techniques have been developed to safely demolish buildings without producing too much debris. In other words, large chunks of the previous structure can be recycled or taken to a remote site for further demolition. This reduces the amount of cleaning that would have to be carried out on-site, which in turn reduces the risk of COVID-19 exposure. 

Whether the demolition contractor plans to use machines or explosives, the demolition should be done in a manner that minimizes rubble. The less rubble produced, the lower the extent of air pollution in your area. The clean-up process will also be faster and more efficient.  

2. Demolition Contractors Should Have Appropriate Safety Tools

After the structure has been demolished, all workers on-site should use appropriate safety tools that prevent them from inhaling contaminated air. The rubble from a demolition site can spread millions of tiny microscopic particles in the air. This is why all workers should wear 3M construction site masks or the N95 grade masks that filter out most air particles. These masks could also protect workers from breathing in viral particles.

Furthermore, it's a good idea for anyone near the demolition site to also wear a mask and gloves. This safety equipment will prevent the unwanted spread of viral particles from contaminated surfaces.  

3. Sorting Through Demolition Debris 

Cleaning a construction site requires careful sorting of debris. Depending on what your old home was made from, the demolition crew will need to sort through concrete, scrap metal, wood, bricks, and much more. Proper sorting is critical because it allows the team to identify what can be recycled or disposed of in a safe manner. The demolition crew can also transport such items safely while minimizing contamination around the demolition site. 

Preferably, most of the sorting process should be done using non-contact means such as scanning technology, cranes, and bulldozers. This will reduce how much time workers spend inhaling contaminated air on-site. 

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