Holiday Plumbing Emergencies: Four Tips To Help You Prevent Them

Posted on: 30 November 2020

Christmas is considered the most wonderful time of year. Of course, that is unless you are experiencing severe plumbing issues in your home. To ensure that your home is ready to handle the dozens of guests that may be coming to your home for a holiday dinner, keep reading to learn a few things that you should to do.

Clear All of Your Drains

During the holidays, your drains take in a lot more than what you could ever believe. If you want to ensure that your drains are in proper working condition, have a professional come out and perform a drain cleaning prior to your guests arriving. You can also install a drain strainer in the showers and sinks, if you haven't already, as this will catch any debris that goes into the drain, preventing it from entering the pipes and preventing a major clog and emergency later on.

Watch the Garbage Disposal

There are certain foods that should never be placed in your garbage disposal. The garbage disposal is not the place for any excess oil or grease nor should you place corn cobs or eggshells down the drain for your disposal to take care of. Some of your guests may be aware of how garbage disposals work, but others may not be. Therefore, to avoid an unnecessary plumbing catastrophe related to disposal, the best thing to do during the holidays is to just have food items thrown into the garbage.

Take Note of Showering Times

If you have guests actually staying at your home over the holiday, they are going to need to take baths and showers. To ensure that your drain and water heater both have a chance to catch up and stay on course with everyone's bathing, you should request that everyone wait 15 to 30 minutes in between each session.

Invest in Additional Garbage Cans

One of the last things that you will want to have to deal with while you have guests inside of your home and during the holidays is a toilet clog. One of the most common reasons toilet clogs happen is because of unwanted items being flushed down the toilet. So, to help avoid this from happening, make sure that there are trash cans near the toilet.

Keep in mind that you can take the aforementioned precautions, along with others, to avoid a calamity during the holidays, but there are instances when a plumbing emergency may still occur. If this happens, contact a local residential plumbing service for assistance.