More Than Mulching: Important Spring Cleanup Ideas

Posted on: 29 May 2019

The phrase "spring cleaning" will often conjure up images of raking leaves, mulching, and other types of yard work. However, there are many other areas in your home that you need to address. This article will focus on some of the major spots inside your home to put on your spring cleanup checklist. When you're done mulching and raking and cleaning out the gutters, this list will be a great starting point for areas in the inside of your home to tackle. 

Draining and Cleaning Air Conditioner Lines

The air conditioner is going to be put back into action once the weather warms up. This means that you will need to make sure the air conditioner lines are clean. The copper coolant lines that are the backbone of any air conditioner might have become clogged up last summer  and will therefore need to be flushed out. If you operate the air conditioner without having the lines cleaned, then not only will you not have optimal cooling, but you risk damaging the entire unit. Make sure that you bring in HVAC professionals who will know what to look for.

Cleaning Out AC Duct Work

Even if the air conditioner is in perfect working shape, that doesn't mean you're done with the AC. The ductwork where the air conditioner pumps out the cold air needs to also be in good shape. If it's dusty or it leaks, then you're going to be getting less than optimal performance. Once the coolant lines have been addressed, you will want to make sure that the HVAC contractors take a look at the duct work.

Drain Out Boilers To Remove Sediment

The boiler in your home has been working overtime all winter to produce hot water and warmth if you use it to heat your home via pipes. Springtime is a perfect opportunity to drain out the boiler and make sure that any sediment that has collected in the boiler is removed. You will need to shut down the hot water in your home, so pick a good time when this is not inconvenient. You will also want to bring in a specialized boiler professional since working with a boiler under pressure can be a dangerous job if handled by a non-professional.

Bring In A Professional Chimney Cleaning Service

Anyone with a chimney will need to have a chimney cleaning service brought in once the winter is over. The extended heat and smoke that the chimney handles during the fall and winter months leads to a build up of creosote. This is flammable substance that lines the inside of the pipes and accumulates there from the carbon heavy smoke. Over time, this thickens on the walls of the chimney and can catch fire. It's not just an issue of creating a potential hazard in your home; it can actually cause a fire that could burn down your home. You need to have a chimney sweep come in and remove all of the build up. Contact a company like Mercer County Chimney Services for more information.