Why Composite Materials Are Perfect For Elevated Decks

Posted on: 2 September 2018

If you are going to add an elevated deck to your property, you need a material that meets certain characteristics. Obviously, it needs to be strong enough to walk on, water resistant, and capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic. Wooden decks are definitely the most common, but they are now becoming second choice to composite products. This article explains why composite wood perfect for decking of any size and style.

What Is Composite Wood?

Composite woods are made out of recycled woods, plastics, glue, and other lightweight and waterproof materials. Basically, they are designed to look as much like real wood as possible but to perform more like vinyl or PVC. Composite wood is used in all types of construction but is particularly perfect for decking. Wide planks can basically look just like real wood planks that are so common on decking.

Grades and Modular Designs

As with wood decks, there are different grades of composites. Products that have more actual wood in them are going to be more expensive, but they are also more desirable because they look more authentic. It is important to point out that most composite products are modular. This has a major impact on how easy it is to install the deck. Even if you don't plan on installing your own deck, having a modular product is going to help keep down your labor costs.

Painting or Staining Composites

The biggest difference between real and composite wood is the ability to paint or stain them. Basically, some people see it as a drawback that they cannot restain composite decks. However, others will be glad that they never need to worry about applying a new stain finish to their deck. Refinishing your deck is something that takes a couple of days and requires some very tiring labor. 

On top of this, you need to work with harmful chemicals that are smelly and harsh on your skin. It makes sense of that many people are more than happy to avoid this project altogether by investing in composite products. Obviously, if you think that you would like to change the style or color of your deck, you won't be able to do this with a composite material.

Composite products are more practical than real wood when used on an elevated deck. Of course, some people don't think that they are as beautiful, but that is still up for debate. For more information, contact a company like Freeborne.