Upgrade Your Rental Home By Hiring A Plumber For Installations

Posted on: 9 January 2018

Renting out a single-family home with basic features is one way that you can generate income. If you want to increase your income, you can achieve this goal by buying another property or upgrading your current one to increase the rent that you charge. Upgrading is easier and quicker, which means you can start generating additional income in a matter of weeks or months.

Focusing on features that your tenants will use is an excellent plan. So, you should consider hiring a professional plumber who can help with the installation of various things in the rental home.

Garbage Disposal

If you do not have a garbage disposal, your tenants will have to be extra careful when washing dishes or rinsing food in the sink. A sink strainer is essential for avoiding clogs in the pipes. But, mistakes happen, so you may have to get drain cleaning service in between tenants. Installing a garbage disposal is one thing that you can do to prevent this problem from happening.

When a potential tenant looks through the amenities in the home, they will appreciate seeing a garbage disposal on the list, especially if they love to spend time cooking in the kitchen.


Another feature that you cannot go wrong with is a dishwasher. Without one, you make it so that your tenants must wash dishes by hand, which may be new to them. If they are accustomed to using a dishwasher in their previous apartments, condos, or homes, they may feel hesitant to put in an application for your rental. Installing one is an easy way to make a better impression.

Although you may want to get help from an electrician to determine if you have enough power capacity in the kitchen to add this appliance, most of the work relies on a plumber's help. They can even help you pick the dishwashers that have the least issues based on their experiences.


Going as far as installing a smart toilet may not be worthwhile in a rental home because they are somewhat expensive. But, you can benefit from adding dual-flush toilets to the home where you will benefit in multiple ways in saving money on the water bill and getting more for rent. If you are giving the water bill to the tenant, then the water savings feature will be a notable perk.

Hiring a plumber, such as from Vanhook Plumbing Heating & Cooling, to make a few simple changes to your rental home can have a positive impact on your rental income.