Helping Out With A Kitchen Remodel For Your Elderly Parents? 4 Projects To Consider

Posted on: 14 November 2017

Remodeling the kitchen can be a rewarding home improvement project when you start getting older in age and won't be able to do the same tasks in your kitchen due to mobility issues. If your parents are in their senior years and are planning on remodeling their kitchen, there are several ways that you can help them with this project.

Easy-to-Reach Cabinets

One of the most important things to prioritize when remodeling the space with seniors in mind is cabinets that are easy to reach. The cabinets are responsible for the majority of storage space in the kitchen, making it vital that the storage is expansive enough for the space to feel roomy and easy to use.

While tall cabinets can provide more storage and deep cabinets can fit more in, they can be difficult or even dangerous for your senior parents to use since they could require using a ladder or getting on their knees. Comfortable to use cabinetry should be a priority when designing a kitchen with seniors in mind.

Raised Height Dishwasher

Having access to a dishwasher can be a welcome alternative to washing all of the dishes by hand since they can allow your parents to wash their dishes without needing to stand for extended periods of time every day. While a dishwasher can be a great feature to have, it's important that you have the dishwasher at a height that is comfortable to use.

Getting the dishwasher raised even a few inches can make a difference in how much your parents will need to bend to put dishes away.

Drawer and Cabinet Pulls

While you may like the look of some drawer and cabinet knobs, they can be difficult to open and close for your parents. Choosing pulls that are easy to grab can make a big difference in how easy they are to use and the convenience your parents will have when grabbing cooking supplies and plates.

Sink Reachable by Wheelchair

While your parents may still be mobile, their health may end up leading to needing a wheelchair at some point. Designing the kitchen with this in mind can be easy enough with a lot of room to move around, but you may not have thought about whether the sink is reachable. Having empty space under the sink to allow your parents to get close enough to use the sink is a good idea.

With the above projects in mind, you can help out with remodeling the kitchen and ensure that the space is comfortable to use. Contact a kitchen remodeling for more information and assistance.