3 Reasons It Is Logical To Rent A Crane For Your Construction Business Instead Of Buying

Posted on: 9 November 2017

In the construction business, the tools and equipment you need to get the job done are the primary way you serve your customers. There will always be those pieces of equipment that you should invest in for the benefit of your company, but a crane may not always be a piece of equipment that makes sense to buy. In fact, there are some situations when renting a crane from an equipment rental store makes more financial sense. Here is a look at three situations in the construction business when a crane rental is a better idea than buying one outright:

Your business does not use a crane every day. 

If you don't need a crane very often, it can be more financially logical to rent a crane on an as-needed basis. For example, if you are in the middle of building a home and need roofing trusses hoisted in place, this would be a temporary need unless installing roof trusses is a common part of your workflow. You can rent cranes for the duration of time you need most of the time, whether it is for just a few hours or a few weeks. 

You only need a crane while your crane is out of service. 

If you already have a crane that you use for your construction business, there will likely be times when your equipment has to be taken out of service for maintenance or repair work to keep it functioning as good as possible. In these situations, it is only logical to rent a crane until yours is back up and running instead of buying a secondary unit. Thankfully, crane rental is something that can be short-term with no long-term commitments.

You are trying to determine the value of having a crane. 

Perhaps your construction business is growing, and you know that investing in a few new pieces of equipment will come with the new territory and new work orders. However, you are not sure if investing in a crane is a logical decision at this time. By renting a crane temporarily, it will give you an idea of how valuable having a crane will be for your business. Having the crane on site for a short span of time will allow you to see what it would be like if work processes are benefited, and even if you can recoup the investment cost with new work orders.